Building Your Program

We develop programs that are uniquely suited to meet your needs... we do not come in with a one size fits all approach.

Developing a culture of compassion is something that benefits all organizations... but not every organization has the same needs. One community may have a bullying problem, another may be experiencing a culture of negativity and stress... or perhaps a leadership team is having difficulty with working through conflict. While developing a culture of compassion will help in each of these cases, how you reach those impacted and effect change will vary depending on the situation. Our programs might be a series of small scale sessions with a team or targeted group, or could be large full day of workshops, presentation or events for large groups. 

Once you contact us, here is our process for developing a program tailored to your organization.

STEP 1: Needs assessment

We meet with you and appropriate stakeholders from your organization for about an hour to get an understanding of your organization, culture and what you are interested in addressing.  We will listen and ask lots of questions to gain a full understanding of your unique situation.

STEP 2: Develop a proposal

We will take the information from our meeting with you to develop a proposal. We will suggest a few possible approaches to meet your specific needs and budget. 

STEP 3: Finalize proposal

We are happy to discuss any questions about the proposal with you and further refine the program. Once we both agree to the proposal and terms, we will meet with you as needed to finalize logistics.